These Cakes are Too Pretty To Eat (Perhaps Just A Bite)

Have you ever heard of the expression “having your cake and eating it, too?”

It’s something nobody can do, and looking at Portland, Oregon baker Allison Kelleher’s beautifully and lovingly crafted cakes, the tragic paradox of this saying is made all the more real.

Her cakes are so gorgeous to look at, it would break our hearts to cut into them – let alone eat them, leaving no trace of their glorious existence behind. But on the other hand, they’re so gorgeous to look at, that it would break our hearts not to cut into them and eat them!

What can we say? These cakes work as art, they work as a dessert, and they definitely, definitely work as an Instagram page.

Get ready to be deeply conflicted about baked goods as you look at these photos below.

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