These Transparent Street Wall Art Is Made Using Spray Paint

Street artists are a special kind, and no, we’re not just talking about those run-of-the-mill types of artists who claim to be “professionals” just because they put up a graffiti or two up on a wall.

No, we’re talking about real street artists — people who have a knack of creating something extraordinary out of ordinary things to send a message that’s near impossible to ignore because of how they use the entire world as their canvass.

Vile, whose real name is Rodrigo Miguel Sepúlveda Nunes, is a good example of a real street artist.

Vile has been paint spraying graffitis since he was just 14 years old. This now 34-year-old Portuguese graffiti artist has created his own unique style that he’s able to transparent-looking wall art using nothing but a regular set of spray cans and of course, his talent.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Vile has worked with international brands like OPEL, TMN, as well as Portuguese Red Cross.

Be sure to scroll down below too Vile’s art pieces that are so hard to walk past without looking twice.