These Wall Tiles Are 100% Biodegradable

Hexagon-shaped tiles look pretty and decorative, but this specific kind offer much more in terms of practical and creative use. These bio-based colorful tiles are designed by a company called ‘Form Us With Love’ and they are cheap to manufacture, contain zero toxic materials and, perhaps most importantly for many of us, they are able to absorb the ambient noise. So not only do they look fantastic when arranged together as wall murals, but they also become a sound barrier which protects you from loud noise. To make things even better, they’re moisture and fire-resistant as well. 

The tiles are made with ‘wood wool’ – wood fiber mixed with cement in proportions that improve the acoustics of the room while absorbing environmental noise at the same time. The factories of the company get their main raw material, the wood fiber, from a Swedish family company that has been manufacturing this material for many generations. 

This material is already used for packaging, insulation and even stuffing toys, but this Swedish company has been able to give it a new use that many were waiting for. Thanks to the hexagonal shape of the tiles, they can be stacked in a simple way and become an amazing decoration for any wall.