This Is The Most Amazing Flower Tunnel in The World

Just like every color represents something different, every flower has its own meaning. The common thing about flowers, though, is that all flowers are gorgeous and that’s one way in which nature creates masterpieces. When properly arranged, they’re truly breathtaking and form a fantasy world of rich hues, shapes and patterns.  

The cherry blossom, or sakura in Japanese, is definitely the most famous symbol of Japan. But this beautiful country actually has many other lovely flowers apart from its sakura trees. While the cherry blossom has its own distinctive beauty, the wisteria tree has a charm that is equally captivating. If you plan to visit Japan in spring, be sure to include Ashikaga Flower Park in your list of destinations. Located just north of Tokyo, the park has the largest wisteria tunnel garden in Japan. 

Wisterias are pleasantly sweet-smelling vines that are found mainly in Japan, China and some eastern states of North America. These flowering plants can produce flowers in many different colors, which makes them the most beautiful trees in the world. Some of the most common colors are purple, white, pink, yellow and blue. Wisteria vines can grow up to 5 meters each year and bloom during the spring season.