Want To Feel Like Darth Vader? Get Your Own Star Wars Furniture

Star Wars is a cult franchise that attracts more and more fans with each passing day and everything that has even the tiniest connection to it makes the fans go wild. And now, Star Wars fans will be looking forward to equipping their homes with some Star Wars-themed furniture, designed by the Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue, in collaboration with Disney. The idea is that fans of the film saga can have their home resemble the Star Wars aesthetic so much that even if Darth Vader himself appears at the door, he would be impressed.  

The collection has almost everything – from TIE Fighter chairs to nightstand lamps. The prices are different and may vary from €500 to €3,500. Most of the items come in different appropriate colors, for example, you can enjoy your TIE Fighter chairs in a black or white version. Also, the chairs can be connected so you can rule the Galaxy together with your significant one! You can also have a Jedi lamp where the light bulbs are actually lightsaber-waving Jedi in combat. You can also enjoy a rocking chair called ‘Chewbacca’, which is Cobonpue’s latest classic design for true Star Wars fans. 

Check out these awesome designs and may the force be with you!