This Artist Built Everything In Her Apartment Herself

Do you remember the first table you bought? Or your first bed? Your answer is probably “no, why would I? It was something I got in Ikea.” Well, Cristiana Felgueiras is very familiar with each in every piece of furniture in her house – because she made them all.

Cristiana, who also goes by Cris, is a young sculpture and multidisciplinary artist from Porto, Portugal. She’s always loved creating – she even used to snick into her dad’s workshop as kid to use his power tools – so it was only natural for her to go to art school after graduating from high school. But how did she get into woodworking?

It was during her last year in college, when she was roaming the web, looking for something completely different, when she stumbled upon a YouTube video about making a piece of furniture. Of course, she had some experience working with heavy equipment from her childhood, but she’d never tried to build something functional. She gave it a trial, and that was it.

Cris had found her calling. She used Youtube video and information she found online to teach herself woodworking, and quickly got to an impressive skill level. Her next step was her YouTube channel, Get Hands Dirty, where she shares her creations with her audience in hope to inspire them, and maybe even get them to build their own futniture too. Check out her videos below.