Joshua Weissman Is YouTube’s New Celebrity Chef

Some people have a knack for cooking and a passion for the culinary arts, while others struggle to make a halfway decent scrambled egg. But cooking isn’t some mysterious ability you’re either born with or doomed to live on takeaways – when broken down to its basic components, it can be taught. And that’s what Joshua Weissman is here for.

Joshua is a self-taught cook who’s been cooking since he was about six. What started in his mother’s kitchen grew into a career when at the age of 19 he joined a high-end restaurant and started cooking professionally. Alongside his culinary career, he’s been sharing his experiences over YouTube, sharing recipes and cooking tips with his audience.

Being self-taught himself, Joshua knows exactly how to break down even the most daunting recipes to simple steps everybody can follow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a master baker or afraid to even look at a chef’s knife – Joshua has something for you.

Joshua’s online following has been increasing rapidly over the past few years, and recently he decided to quit his job at the restaurant and do YouTube full time. He has over 300k subscribers, and more people follow him every day. We can only hope this budding celebrity chef keeps rising and get the recognition he deserves.