This Artist Reveals the Dark Secrets of Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are usually portrayed as kindhearted and inherently good. But artist Ed Harrington doesn’t view them as such. For Harrington, even our favorite cartoon characters have some dark secrets. He is set on exposing them in his illustrations that are part amazing and part ruining our childhood.

For example, in his world, Winnie the Pooh isn’t some kind of bear that just wants to get his hands on some honey. Instead, he is an immoral figure that enjoys drinking.

Speaking about his inspiration for this unusual series, Harrington admitted that he actually has no “real” idea for it. Instead, he is just drawing things that he finds funny and somehow it all works out for the best. But he does have a basic approach to each work.

Harrington explains that he picks out a character and then tries to imagine what it would be like if they had different or more difficult lives.

“Or I like to think about parts of a famous character that we never get to see and what might have been hidden from us all this time,” he adds.

You can check out more of Harrington’s work by visiting his website or Instagram. Also, you can see our favorites below.