This Illustrator Will Inspire You to Add a Botanical Twist to Your Home

This past year, we all spent a lot more time at home. And while the past months have seen us slowly return to the office, this new at-home lifestyle is here to stay, forcing us to rethink our living space. When it comes to home styling, interior designers agree that 2021 is all about natural elements. Botanical patterns and house plants have never been more on-trend. But you don’t have to take our word for it—recent interior trends can be spotted all across Instagram, from designers to illustrators.

Our recent design inspiration comes from California-based illustrator Leah Goren. Zooming in on domestic life, Goren’s illustrations feature a healthy dose of houseplants and natural patterns. Collaborations include brands and publications like Anthropologie, The New York Times, Penguin Random House, Vanity Fair, and Urban Outfitters.

On top of her work as an illustrator, Goren also works as a surface pattern designer, which means her floral patterns can be spotted on an array of products including fabrics, ceramics, and even storage bins.

“I like making patterns because they repeat endlessly and I don’t feel restricted to containing my drawing within a box,” Goren remarked once in an interview with Spoonflower. “I’m always interested in home interiors, and I’d love to see my patterns on wallpaper or an upholstered chair or couch.”

Indeed, scrolling through her feed you can’t help but be inspired to freshen up your living space by introducing more natural elements to it. One might argue that plants make any space look beautiful. But it’s good to note that they also have a positive impact on your health and mood—a true win-win when it comes to rethinking our home life in the days after COVID-19.

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