This Artist Turns Lakes Into Billiards Tables

Image by @riverpool.ottovincze / Instagram

Originally from Hungary, the artist Otto Vincze unveils a rather unusual project: he has engaged in the transformation of lakes into aquatic billiard tables.

Called River Pool , Otto’s project has been exhibited in Giudecca, in the Venice Lagoon , and to Szentendre on one of the branches of the Danube near Budapest; presently it is located at Tata in Hungary. In its installation, the balls of the traditional billiards are replaced by swimming pool balls that move following the natural movement of the water or the swell of the boats . Their appearance is true to those of real billiard balls (numbering, color etc.).

The game of Venice is introduced by a lion and that of Szentendre and Tata by a Christian cross, both symbols that recall the history of these two ancient merchant locations.