OakOak: When Street Art is Inserted in the Urban Landscape

Image by @oakoak_street_art / Instagram

Pedestrian crossings, gates, cracks on walls, antennas, rainbow halos on the asphalt – the whole urban landscape, with its imperfections, is the inspiration on which relies OakOak, a French street artist who is behind a series of works for which the term “graffiti” sounds definitely way too reductive.

His creations draw heavily on pop culture : characters of videogames, comics, cartoons, animals, communicating with the landscape that surrounds them and managing to make their presence unique and unrepeatable. His art explores and exposes the poetic qualities of the city; discreet, sometimes hidden, his works are inspired by geek culture. He adds a humorous note that provokes smiles on the faces of the passers-by.

Oakoak began his career in 2006 in his hometown of Saint-Etienne in France. His work on street “imperfections” has went throughout the whole world, from Belgium, through Italy and England right to the Far East. In October 2015, he had his first solo exhibition in North America, in Vertical gallery in Chicago. You can have a taste of his creations below.