Image by @Ricki Beason Rescue Photography / Facebook

A good-hearted US photographer called Ricki Beason just released a calendar for 2019, and the main stars in it are dogs and men from the neighborhood. The calendar is called ‘Dad Bods and Dogs’ and proceeds from its sale will go to three dog shelters near Dallas, Texas.

Ricki chose male models with a so-called ‘dad bod’ — men who do not spend hours and days in the gym. In addition to helping financially the shelters through calendar sales, seems like Ricki’s idea helped some of the dogs from the calendar to be adopted.

Ricki says she wanted to create a different, “funny” calendar and thus raise awareness about the dogs that need new homes. In addition to the fact that she didn’t choose models with chiseled and perfectly toned bodies for the calendar, she also staged a different funny sets and scenarios for every month. You can see some of them below.