This Artists Creates Masterpieces On Photoshop

It take a lot of skill to make a painting seem 3-dimentional. But when it comes to Tullius Heuer’s art, the paintings seem like they don’t want to stay on the page. And he learned to paint like this all by himself.

Tullius wasn’t always into art. In fact, coukdn’t have studies something more different – his degree was in the field of IT and so was his work. But he was always interested in digital art. “I discovered Photoshop at 17 for fun, without even imagining that I could become a professional in the field”, he told Bored Panda.

But then one day he came across an art contest which he decided to join. That’s where he discovered his love of 3-d sketching. Ever since, he’s been creating incredible 3-D painting that seem like they’re about to pop out of the page. He’s completely self-taught, but he doesn’t let that stop him: he’s been improving his digital painting and photoshop skills  for years.

Today he’s working full time as a digital artist, making album art, posters, book covers and more. He has a growing fan base with almost 30,000 followers on Instagram. He’s living the dream of any creative person, we get to enjoy his beautiful art.