This Artist’s Spooky Illustrations Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

Shawn Cross is a dark artist from Ohio well known for popular webcomic series Cyanide & Happiness. This webcomic has reached serious popularity over the years and is still rocking. Besides that one, you might know Cross for the mental health series he created which completely changed the direction of his art towards creating conversations about mental health.

The artist says that the popularity he gained on the internet, the fact that everyone knows about his art, and that many people even tattooed his illustrations were life-changing for him. Cross is also a co-owner and artist for a lifestyle brand Any Means Necessary Clothing and Sweet Sorrow Comic, which can be found on Instagram.  

Together with the two series mentioned, he made interesting illustrations of Disney’s scary characters – what would it be like if they were even scarier! Most of his illustrations leave the impression of spookiness and anxiety, but they all carry interesting or important messages.  

Check out the pictures below to see some of his work we selected for you!