This Comic Artist Portrays the Hilarious Secret Life of Objects

If you ever wondered what the laundry basket feels like whenever you leave your clothes everywhere but inside it, or why the paper end of your teabag always ends up inside your mug, or how your old laptop reacts when you google “new laptop,” “LOLNEIN” comics have the answer. These hilarious web comics portray the thought processes of mostly objects, although the artist also makes funny panels about animals, people, organs, plants, and food every now and then. 

“LOLNEIN” is named after the reaction that someone would have to a ridiculous question – “lol, no,” as “nein” is “no” in German. Berlin-based Vincent Kunert, the 26-year old creator of the web comic, says that his two passions for drawing and making people laugh came together for him to create this web comic. The comics make lifeless objects strangely endearing, while being highly relatable to our everyday lazy habits. For instance, how long does that pan need to soak for, really? 

Scroll down to check out Kunert’s hilarious work:.