This Cross-Eyed Cat is the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

All cats are adorable, no matter how they look. Some were lucky enough to have been born with long, luxurious fur or a regal tail, others have a short stump of a tail, or a short, prickly fur, but that doesn’t make them any less loveable. Belarus the Cat is one of those funny-looking cats.

Belarus was born with a condition called strabismus, which left him cross-eyed. His left eye always seems to wander in the direction of his button of a nose, giving him the look of a goofy cartoon character. Sometimes cats with imperfections and disabilities have a hard time finding a home, but Belarus was lucky. Two years ago, a woman named Rachel walked into the shelter and instantly fell in love with him, cross-eye and all. Ever since then, the two have been inseparable.

Rachel has been sharing snippets of Belarus’s life on Instagram, and the funny-looking cat has gathered almost 300 thousand admiring followers. Rachel has been using Belraus’s media presence to help other cats in need of a home and has been raising donations for the shelter Belarus came from. She and Belarus want others to know that all cats, crossed eyes, tailless, bald, deserve a good home, and given the right chance, they’ll be the greatest companion you could ever have.

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