Katy Bellotte Has the Best Job Ever

Most folks out there would not say their life is glamorous, probably. We can dream, but the trajectory for most of us is pretty mundane—we go to school, maybe get a degree, and they find a job in some industry. Our daily life is usually pretty grey. Not Katy Bellotte’s life, though. She has managed to carve herself a different path and have a career that’s not only rewarding but full of glitz and glamour.

Katy works in the fashion industry, or, more specifically, she’s a beauty influencer and a Social Media and Digital Content Coordinator for L’Oréal Paris. She also has a blog and a podcast, if that’s not busy enough.

Katy always knew she wanted to work in fashion when she grew up, but she could have never guessed she’d find opportunities like she did, simply because they didn’t exist until a short while ago. Social media was still in its early days when Katy started high school and that’s how she started. She uploaded her first video to Youtube at the age of 14.

It was all very new and exciting, and there was room to experiment and try out new things. Today, thanks to those firs videos, she’s a bonafide trendsetter. Her fashion choices become the next big thing in fashion, so good thing she’s good at what she does because we owe a few of our favorite trends to her.