This Dog Loves His Sister So Much That He Sits On Her

Jennifer Tyler has a huge dog family. She is a mom to four adorable canines, Annie (lab mix), Bruce (rescue staffy), Tallulah (rescue tricolor pit), and Archie (cane corso). Recently she made a post about Archie’s way of showing affection.

She wrote: “This is Tallulah, our rescue bully, and her ‘little’ brother Archie. Archie has loved her from the day they met. He shows that love by…sitting on her.” She also added a couple of images showcasing Archie’s and Tallulah’s daily adventures.

“Archie is a 135 pound, 2-year-old Cane Corso (aka Italian Mastiff) that we brought home when he was 8 weeks old,” Tyler told Bored Panda. “His and Tallulah’s bond was immediate. They are the absolute best of friends.”

Alongside her husband, Tyler and her pups are based in Central New York and they are huge animal lovers.

She created an Instagram account called daysof mypupperslives where she regularly posts images of her adorable doggos, and although they don’t have a huge following, we assure you that their adventures are worth checking out. So, if you got intrigued, just keep on scrolling!