Timothée Chalamet’s Oscars Outfit Was Pure Meme Gold

Timothée Chalamet never has any trouble making an impression with his fashion choices, and he did it once again at the Oscars, but for all the wrong reasons. The young actor didn’t really dress to impress this time around, and Twitter users couldn’t resist turning his outfit into a new meme.

The Little Women actor never plays by the rules when it comes to fashion choices and he didn’t do it at the Oscars either. Instead of hitting the red carpet in a black suit and a tie, he opted for a Prada navy blue gabardine jacket with vintage Cartier brooch and matching pants.

Chalamet didn’t make it to the best-dressed list this time around, but that didn’t stop him from becoming one of the biggest memes of the night. Fans found his outfit super hilarious and they compared him to everything from a chic mechanic to a gas station manager.

Many people felt like he looked just like a valet, and joked that other celebrities would ask him to park their cars and wipe down their tables. It’s really been hilarious to read all the comparisons that Twitter users came up with, and we’re sure Chalamet will make it up to us with a more impressive outfit at his next red carpet event.