This Gifted Pastry Chef’s Chocolate Sculptures are Perfection

Amaury Guichon is a gifted French pastry chef who has become a real Instagram star by posting on his account his stunning creations!

27-year-old Franco-Swiss, Guichon first became known thanks to the French TV program Qui Sera Le Prochain Grand Patissier? (“Who will be the next great pastry chef?”). As a teenager, he discovered the craft of confectionery at the age of 14 and quickly revealed his pastry skills thanks to his sense of work and his creative spirit.

Currently a recognized and sought-after chef around the world, as well as a world-known instructor in haute patisserie art, Guichon literally ignites Instagram with his creations and has amassed nearly 995,000 subscribers. He regularly shares videos and photos of his chocolate sculptures and presents his techniques of realization. You can check out some of those below.