This Woman Creates Prom Dress From Trash Bags And The Result Is Simply Amazing

Photo by H E N G S T R E A M on Unsplash

Amber Scholl became a social media star thanks to her creative and practical DIY videos. Recently, she’s making headlines once again for creating a beautiful dress out of trash bags.

The video was a response to the comments that Amber could wear a trash bag and still looks good. “You always say I could make wearing a trash bag look good…SO I TODAY I THOUGHT I’D TRY IT!!!,” she wrote on her YouTube page.

The viewers can watch the step-by-step process, from buying supplies to the actual creation of the dress. It took her nearly 6 hours to finish her creation.

“Honestly, I think this is my best DIY I’ve ever done,” Amber said.

The DIY video has been viewed by more than 1.1 million users and just this week, she shared it on Twitter which she captioned, “when someone calls you trashy, make a dress out of trash bags & prove them fabulously correct.”