Todd Watts Pays Homage to His Favorite Books

Books are meant for reading, that much is clear. But sometimes, they can also provide great art materials. Case in point: Todd Watts’ book series. An homage to his favorite books, his paper sculptures hint at the books’ subjects and themes.

“The entire project is representing the power of reading,” he told A’ Design Award and Competition’s blog. “I wanted to challenge myself with a passion project using paper craft to elevate my favorite stories into surreal and imaginative works of art,” he explained the thought process behind his viral series. “I wanted to create a conversation and a guessing game between the viewer of the art and the books they represented.”

According to Watts, in a digital world it’s becoming harder to dedicate time to the classic paperback but reading from screens makes us read slower, learn less deeply, remember less, and sleep worse. “This is why students prefer to print out their electronic textbooks,” he says. “This is ‘The Power of the Paperback’.”

Which, of course, makes his day job all the more ironic. A multidisciplinary communication designer, Watts specializes in brand activation, promotional material, digital content, and conceptual development for brands and film or TV projects.

Take a look at some of his book sculptures in the gallery below.