The Birds and the Bees: This Paper Artist is Worth Following

Diana Beltran Herrera’s paper art takes after flora and fauna. Meant at bridging the gap between people and their natural surroundings, her creations include paper birds, butterflies, and fruit. Though fragile, her paper sculptures also repel against time – presented as frozen, ideal specimen.

With a BA in Industrial Design from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and an MA in Fine Arts from UWE, Herrera’s studies included researching different materials. According to her website, her interest in economic materials in general, is based on their potential of transformation, using the simplest of techniques.

“When I started to work with paper, I was developing very structural elements,” she told My Modern Met. “I used to have a lot of strips of paper that I used to cut and glue to form a volume.” Much like patterns found in nature, her sculptures comprehend massive groups of elements that together compose a major complex system.

According to Herrera, there’s inherent flexibility with paper. “I spend a lot of hours collecting images of the subject in different positions, then I do some reading to find the right measurements,” she explains. Her finished products are exhibited in solo and group shows around the world. But you can also follow her online, via Instagram.