These Illustrations Will Inspire You to Grow Your Mustache

Illustrator Michael C. Hsiung describes himself as an “Asian bum with a mustache who draws pictures.” We can’t attest to his work ethic, but his mustache is kinda epic. So much so, that it has come to define both his fashion style and illustration style. Drawn using Micron pens and Higgins black ink, his characters, which consist of mythological beings such as centaurs and mermen, seem to have one thing in common: facial hair, that is.

But back to mythology, Hsiung admits that it wasn’t really until he got settled in LA that he rekindles his passion for anything fantasy related. “I’d start printing out tomes of stuff from the internet of unicorns, krakens, centaurs,” he told Another Fine Mess. “Naturally, when I started drawing I gravitated towards trying to incorporate these influences, passions, and interests into some of my stuff, which eventually lead to centaurs, satyrs, and mermen,” he notes.

“Generally speaking, I use the internet as it relates to art-making mainly for research and stuff like that,” he further relayed. “Sometimes I’ll find images to reference or just research some articles I’ve read, which usually leads me to other interesting finds. Sometimes I’ll compile image folders of things I just basically find interesting. I may use them in drawings or I may never have any use for them.”

An epic mash-up that includes both mythology and facial hair? We’re all in!