Multi-Disciplinary Artist Carves Animals Out of Paper

Here on MobiSpirit, we’ve featured a fair share of paper artists, incorporating techniques that include anything from paper quilling to papercutting. But even amongst these selected talents, Patrick Cabral stands out. Based in the Philippines, Cabral uses papercutting to carve portraits of endangered animals.

His Endangered Species series is supported by the philanthropic organization Acts of Kindness, and is also in partnership with World Wildlife Fund Philippines, with the aim to educate the public about the plight of at-risk animals. According to Cabral, a portion of the sales from this collection has gone towards supporting nature preservation in the Philippines.

But what is even more incredible, is that Cabral doesn’t limit himself to only paper. A multi-disciplinary artist through and through, his talents include calligraphy, sculpting, web designing, and even app development. His creative career actually began with web developing and animating, having worked for corporate branding and digital advertising, as well as fashion websites.

According to his personal website, he first found his artistic voice when he was only 11-years-old and when he took an odd job of writing the names of graduating students’ high school diplomas. Who would’ve imagined this would only be the beginning of an incredibly fruitful career?

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Full extent of the wall of my artworks at @starbucksreserve SM North Towers commissioned by @starbucksph . I worked with the Starbucks Asia Pacific team in Hong Kong on this project. I was quite nervous when they first got in touch with me because I was scared of the horrors of shipping huge artwork abroad, what more if it's 3 huge art pieces. I didn't really ask where it would be located at first because I wasn't even sure if it's going to push through because I already had around 3 project which has almost the same specification as this project that failed to materialize, one is even for a huge fashion house which until now I am still hoping to push through 🙂 . I felt a little confident when they sent me the blueprint and I saw that it's going to be in a new branch of Starbucks Reserve here in Manila. I think a lot of people assume that it's so easy for my projects to get funded now because it is being featured on a lot places. A lot of people doesn't even know that I am based in Manila, where you don't really have a lot of resources for projects like this. I have talked to a lot of recognized local designers this year and it seems that everyone always have to improvise in order for them to achieve their goals. We don't really have access to a lot of high end equipments here and a lot still has to do manual labor for something that can be easily achieved by technology. Sometimes it can get really frustrating because we are all equal citizens of the world, and only few has an access to best tools that the world can offer. Every time I do projects like this, I always aim to over-deliver, because I am not sure if there's going to be another project like this, and if this is going to be the last, may this be the best that I can ever create, regardless of my circumstances.

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