Upgrade Your Walls With These Stunning Wallpapers

Kate Zaremba’s love for the arts had sparked early on. As a child actress, she grew up on theater sets and sound stages. But it wasn’t until years later, after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies from the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri, and working with potter and designer Jonathan Adler that she found her true love in interior design.

She now creates stunning wallpapers that upgrade the blandest of settings, adding a pop of color and playfulness to their surroundings. Specializing in wallpapers, textiles, and ceramics, Zaremba works from her two studios in Austin, TX and Washington, DC.

“My focus in art school was textiles, but I’ve always been a paper person,” she explained in an interview with the Urban Outfitters blog. “So as I was learning surface design and weaving I was also creating sculptures and installations out of cut paper. I went on to work for Jonathan Adler who is a master of interiors. The unique and storied objects he creates continue to inspire me. Wallpaper seemed like a melding of my life experiences, I want to make things that enliven a space, that provide creative energy and inspiration for its inhabitants.”

Explaining her artistic process, she explained that: “an idea for a pattern can really pop up out of nowhere or sometimes it’s in a museum looking at works of art or it might come out of playful experimentation in my studio. You can’t force the creative process so I always have multiple things in the works. Some designs take longer than others and some are formed in a momentary sketch.”

Check out some of her bold patterns and designs. Which one would you stick to your wall?

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