UPS Drivers Have an Instagram For Photos of Dogs They Meet on the Road

Having friendly faces at your workplace is always nice, but it’s even better if the friendly guys that surround you are dogs! If you are a UPS driver, you are probably faced with stereotypes about dogs despising you and your colleagues. But in order to break this stereotype, a group of UPS drivers created an Instagram account featuring dogs who are always happy to see them! 

This account has been steadily growing for the last seven years and these drivers filled it with photos of friendly pups they met on their way. So far, the account has published 546 photos and videos that have reached 564k followers. 

Below you can find some of their heart-melting pictures that show just how much the furry children like their local parcel carriers.  

But not all photos of loving pets include dogs. There are also rare pictures of goats and turkeys that look adorable. The team also posts short and cute captions describing simple but honest emotions drivers experience when meeting these animals.  

People’s reactions are also very positive and it seems that they truly love the content.  

If you are a pet lover and want to warm your heart in these cold winter days, check out these lovely snaps! 

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Ross and Rex wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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