Artist Creates Eye-Opening Comics Inspired By Her Experience With Psychotherapy

Mardou is a British comics artist and author of brilliant graphic novels. Last year, she started working on a complex and sincere project about her mental health struggles that have touched all spheres of her life. In her comics she is also sharing important insights and moments from the sessions she has with her therapist, who by the way was the first one to inspire her to start making graphic novels about her life, emotions and coping strategies.  

Through her art, Mardou is talking freely about all the upsetting and uncomfortable things she has faced, which eventually led to her developing an anxiety disorder. Her traumas-turned-comics include what it’s like to grow up as a Jehovah’s witness, the divorce of her parents, and her fears in regards to parenting her 10-year-old daughter.  

It’s a big step to talk about these issues openly, and her courage is very helpful to other people who are coping with similar issues, but are perhaps less fortunate in getting appropriate help.  

Mardou is sending the message of hope through her comics, and even if you’re not struggling with mental health problems yourself, we bet you will find them both funny and useful. 

Enjoy and learn!