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Compassion comes in many shapes and forms. For Meera Lee Patel, it takes the form of illustrating and writing. “Forever is composed of nows,” reads one Instagram post by her, adorned in flowers, while another reminds you to “make your own magic.”

“When I create work that encourages or comforts others, it’s because I’m trying to encourage or comfort myself, too,” she explained in an interview with Freelance Wisdom. “Above all, I want to make work that helps others feel less alone.”

A self-taught artist and writer, Lee Patel is driven by the idea that anything is possible, as her journey to self-realization demonstrates clearly. After working for six years at a job that made her miserable, she turned to illustration as an outlet – a hobby which would soon become a full-time job.

Now a full-time illustrator and author, she encourages others to take a leap of faith. “I’m completely self-taught, so a lot of times, the path was a series of trial and error,” she notes. “I felt lonely and isolated often, especially since I’m a bit introverted and found it difficult to immerse myself in a creative community. But I learned an incredible amount about myself.”

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