This Artist Proves That One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

At its best, art provides us with a chance to experiment with different mediums and techniques, introducing play into our otherwise mundane existence. Ruby Silvious know best. Inspired by her surroundings, she produces incredible pieces of art out of sheer waste, proving that one man’s trash is, indeed, another man’s treasure.

A talented painter, her work can be seen painted on a variety of surfaces that include broken eggshells and wine corks. But she’s probably best known for her teabag paintings, painted upon—you’ve guessed it—used teabags.

“I want viewers to keep an open mind and think beyond the boundaries of what they may consider traditional art,” explained Silvious in an interview with wmht. “In today’s throw-away culture, where we have immediate access to an abundance of materials and numerous mediums to choose from, all things become possible.”

Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, her art is exhibited internationally and is featured in both public and private collections. She is also the author of 363 Days of Tea: A Visual Journal on Used Teabags (Mascot Books, 2016), and Reclaimed Canvas: Reimagining the Familiar (Mascot Books, 2019). But you’re more than invited to show her some love online, by following her Instagram page.