Woman Creates Art By Using Garbage From the Ocean

Erica Nardone, better known as Cold Water Grom on social media, is a woman who creates art made of ocean plastic found on the beach. She lives in New Hampshire, and according to her Instagram bio, she is the lover of cold water, surf, gulls, art, photography, dogs, groms – and clean beaches.

During her beach walks, Nardone likes to collect garbage and solo cups, zip ties, rubber bands for lobster claws, destroyed pieces of traps, nips, shotgun casings, cigarette butts, Dunkin cups, straws, and plastic bottle caps are the things she finds the most.

Irritated with all the ugly things she discovers, she decided to start making art pieces, so she could bring awareness about ocean pollution.

“The response to these pieces has been overwhelming and has really has caught me off guard” Nardone shared on Bored Panda. “I know they make people smile. They also make people upset. My friends always write a clarifying statement on their Facebook comments, ‘I love the art, but hate the trash!’ I know this project is altering the way I think. I hope I can stop making this art soon.”

Scroll down and check out her art below.