Yevgenia Watts’ Watercolor Paintings Have a Poetic Undertone

There’s an undeniable softness to Yevgenia Watts’ watercolor paintings. A light wash of blues, yellows, and reds, her paintings tend to be rather atmospheric, awakening a sense of nostalgia in the viewer.

With a poetic undertone to them, Watts’ paintings are inspired by the poetic qualities found in nature. “It could be a beautiful light and dark pattern that catches my eye, a strong color contrast that excites me, or a grey foggy landscape that reflects my mood,” notes Watts on her website. “It could be an expression on a stranger’s face or inspiration from a dream.”

“Watercolor is different than any other art medium,” she explains. “It’s about letting go. It’s about trusting in yourself to go where the water takes you. When you can immerse in the loose colors on the page, that is like finding the holy grail. Every time.”

Treating the paint as a living form (a fluid, organic, substance), Watts’ says that she enjoys the way it floats and blooms as if it has a mind of its own. Following the paint, her process is somewhat fluid. “I like to push my own boundaries,” she writes. With multiple awards and multitudes of fans, both online and offline, we can’t wait to see where she’s headed to next.

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