You Can Boil Eggs The Fun and Right Way with the Egguins

Do you think that you can’t boil eggs properly for the life of you? Well, you’re not alone.

While boiling eggs might look like a fairly simple if menial task, a lot of people actually struggle doing it properly. The result of some people boiling eggs are they either overcook the eggs, or undercook them, both of which are not something that anyone would ever like their eggs to be.

Thankfully, one company knows this struggle all too well, which is why they decided to invent a device to help solve all of our egg-boiling problems.

Meet the “Egguins.”

Designed by Peleg Design, the “Egguins” are penguin-shaped egg cookers that holds eggs inside their stomachs as you boil them, making it easier for you to boil multiple eggs at one time while minimising the chances of you overboiling or underboiling them.

The best part? These penguin egg cookers are stylish enough that you can easily just serve eggs inside them if you want.

Make sure to scroll down below to see more of these “Egguins” in action.