Illustrator Explains Ursula’s Origin Story

If you’ve ever had nightmares because of Ursula, then you’re not alone.

The Little Mermaid’s ultimate big baddie and little sister of Triton is one scary sea witch, and how she is so perfectly portrayed in the animated film only makes her even more memorable, and not in a very nice way, especially in the eyes of a child.

But, did you know that Ursula wasn’t always like that?

The little sister of Triton, Ursula was born much prettier than she looks now. However, because of her attempt to try and overthrow Triton, she was cursed to bear her grotesque look.

Of course, this is all hypothetical and isn’t an actual backstory by Disney.

Then again, does that really matter?

Yohann Antoine’s work is so detailed and good that you wouldn’t even care if his take on Ursula’s backstory is real or not, mostly because it does a good way of explaining how and why Ursula is what she is once The Little Mermaid starts.

Make sure that you scroll down below from top to bottom to follow closely Ursula’s descent to villainy.