Start Helping the Bee Population With These At-Home Bee Kits

The bee population is rapidly declining and we seem to have no way of stopping it nor keeping the population up, which is a huge problem.

One company took it upon themselves to help solve this and came up with an ingenious way of helping out the bee population, and that’s by encouraging people to start raising bees at home.

Yes, you read that right.

Using their custom bee hives that have been specially designed to contain bees and prevent them from escaping, BEEcosystem aims to help solve the dwindling bee population by having these enclosures installed in more and more residential, as well as commercial establishments nationwide.

If you’re worried, then don’t be.

Each one of these enclosures have been designed with ease of use, safety, and convenience in mind. Not to mention, you can also install them indoors and outdoors.

BEEcosystem also provides support for prospective beehive keepers through their “Beekeeper Ambassador Program”.

To know more about these bee hives and see them in action, be sure to scroll down below.