You Won’t Believe What the Latest Trend in Yoga Is

There aren’t many things as calming as yoga and there aren’t many things as fun as puppies. So why not combine the two? Meet the hottest trend in the yoga world: Puppy Yoga.

Over the past few years, dogs and puppies have become a bigger part of our lives. People bring their four-legged companions to school and work and they help out kids in hospitals – so it was only natural to get them involved in our physical exercise as well.

Puppy Yoga is meant to make what is already a relaxing, healthy activity even more fun. Puppies help the yogists relax, get out of their own minds, in the zone, and it’s also a great way to expose young dogs to people, teach them how to communicate, and play with their humans.

It’s also extremely fun to watch, which explains why it ‘s become so popular on social media. Who wouldn’t want to see puppies in a yoga class? They play around, try to help their human companions, and make the entire experience even more fun. They’re also a great way to get people involved in physical activity – after all, would you miss a yoga class if you knew it had puppies?