Zoe Gilbertson Explores Color and Geometry Through Hand Stitching

There’s something undeniably satisfying about intricate needlework, and if this needlework happens to be gratifying in terms of color choices—all the better. “The act of hand stitching is still very traditional and loaded with meaning,” says textile artist Zoe Gilbertson. Situated at a crossroad between traditional pastimes and modern artwork, her embroidery work is well balanced: an exploration of geometry and color.

“Visually I want to create something modern and relevant to contemporary art today and the digital references are formed through the design of the artwork,” relayed Gilbertson in an interview with Venison Magazine. Indeed, her color composition might remind you of a digital, pixelized modern artwork.

Her work includes color studies of gradients moving through shades and single color studies and exploration of fades, gradients, and geometry. Seen from a distance, you might not realize the intricate stitching that goes into each piece.

“Sometimes I plan out a work in advance digitally and intricately,” explains Gilbertson. Other times, she’ll “stitch straight onto the canvas with only a vague plan in mind.” Her materials are also a mix of the traditional and the more contemporary and include wool, spraypaint, and tapestry canvas.