A Prince Tribute Mural Suddenly Grows Flowery Crown And It Was Amazing

Prince. Photo by Stephanie Paschal/REX/Shutterstock (1365877ad)

California-based artist Christine Stein created a mural to commemorate Prince in front of her yard when the legendary artist passed away in April 2016. Nearly two years later, Stein got a big surprise when the bush behind the mural began to blossom, giving Prince a magnificent flower-laced crown.

“4.1.18 – Our #Prince bush started flowering all of a sudden! Now there are hundreds of bees buzzing and a few birds living in the bush! Happy #Easter Everyone!” she tweeted.

Stein said that she didn’t know that the bush behind the mural could flower. “Somebody mistakenly dropped 16 yards of mulch in front of my Prince mural. It brought nutrients into all the plants in my yard, and then the bush started growing and growing. Then, just on Easter, it bloomed with all these flowers I’d never seen before,” she told a local news station, KCRA3.

“My husband pointed out to me, ‘There’s flowers on your tree,’ and I’m like, ‘I didn’t know it could flower,’” she added.