Action Nan On Her Way To Save The World From Plastic

Lots of people aren’t aware of their actions and the consequences they may have, not only to people around them, but also on nature. This 70-year-old grandma is fully aware of her actions and has decided to leave a better world for her grandchildren.

Pat Smith, which also goes by the nickname “Action Nan”, is the local hero we all need. This enthusiastic nanny has set her mission – to make the beaches as clean as possible and to reduce plastic use as much as possible, starting with her town, Cornwall. After watching a shaky documentary about plastic and nature, this Action Nan had decided to make a change, starting with herself. She launched “The Final Straw” in 2017 to try to raise awareness of the damage that we are all doing to our oceans and to reach more people and find volunteers to work together. Since then, this unstoppable grandma has associated with lot of organizations and includes her own grandchildren in her actions.

Her last years’ resolution was to clean beaches, and by now, she has managed to clean 52 beaches in Cornwall! We hope to see more people that will follow her footsteps!