Allison Black’s Illustrations Are Our Childhood Fantasy

We can’t help but smile when scrolling through Allison Black’s playful illustrations. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Black describes herself as “an illustrator and designer specializing in cute and colorful creations.”

Over the years, she’s developed products ranging from baby bedding and toddler clothes to Christmas ornaments and Easter baskets. In April 2014, she started the stationery company, Hooray Today, with friend and fellow illustrator, Alyssa Nassner. Then in June 2015, she started her own stationery company, Hip-Hip!

But no matter what she’s creating, she ensures us she “always bring a little Allison flair to the product” through her illustration style, thoughtful design, and fanciful critters.

“In addition to making art around the clock, l have a particular love for sloths, I hope to own a goat (or several), and I’ve had 18 guinea pigs since I was six years old,” she writes on her website. “I also enjoy eating sweets and being out in the sunshine…but then again, who doesn’t?!”

Check out some of her cheerful artwork below.