Artist Creates Stunning Cakes And People Can’t Get Enough

Leslie Vigil makes cakes that are simply out of these world. He cakes are not only stunning to the eyes but delicious too. Once you see her creations you’ll definitely agree that her cakes is a work of art.

The Californian-based baker has taken the internet by storm with flower, cacti and lifelike succulent designs on her homemade cakes. It looks like everyone is thrilled with her edible art.

Leslie gets inspiration for her work from nature and art and demonstrates her awesome skills by paying attention to details and creativity. She is so passionate about her work that at once she was referred to as ‘crazy plant lady.’

“How do you react to the being called a crazy plant lady? Not sure how it was intended when I got called one, but I just sort of nodded and agreed. Listen… I’m here to live my life, ok?!” She says.

Check out her fantastic work.