Artists Creates Celebrity Portraits Made of Sweets

Artist Cristiam Ramos loves to create portraits of celebrities using thousands of sweets. That definitely gives the expression ‘eye candy’ a who different meaning!

Ramos uses gummy bears, buble gum, M&M’s, liquorice and after dinner mints to create colorful portraits of various celebrities. Each of his creations contain over 5000 sweets. The artist says he got the idea of using sweets four years ago.

When he was a little boy he thought “what if they saw one of their favorite artists enshrined using their favorite sweets?” That thought soon turned into a reality and now he sells celebrity portraits for up to $3000 to $18,000 depending on the size of the picture and sweets used.

“I love and feel inspired to create different things with new materials,” the artist said. “My only desire as an artist is to convey to people the pleasure I feel in doing this work and that if ever anyone sees a work item out of the ordinary rest assured that is Cristiam Ramos.”

Check out his work.