Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski’s Art Will Explode in Your Feed

When it comes Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski’s mixed media art, there are two main ingredients: rainbows and eyes. Her work spanning across a variety of mediums, which includes video, performance, and installation, DeJesus Moleski explores questions of identity and femininity through the see of colors and symbolism.

“I’m curious about the aesthetics of holiness and eyes have this divine omnipresent awareness to them,” she explained the symbolism in an interview with HuffPost, “something that’s contained all around us and within us. Eyes are symbols of protection, symbols of sovereignty. I place them everywhere to show that they’re totally accessible.”

“I also am interested in cuteness as a sense of armor,” she further relayed. “Looking at that in caterpillars and butterflies and all of these small creatures that have made themselves appear a certain way to be protected. How do we make ourselves seem larger than life? Cuteness and femininity can be a source of protection and a source of fierceness.”

Recent works include women portraits, drawn in washed-out colors with pastel hues. Exhibited across the U.S., in New Orleans, New Mexico, LA, Miami, and the Bay Area, DeJesus Moleski has been recently gaining momentum.

Keep your eyes peeled.