Architect Inserts Modern Buildings Into Landscape of Iran’s Ancient Cities

Mohammad Hassan Forouzanfar is an Iranian architect who has an intriguing side-project that he regularly shares with his social media followers. He takes contemporary and modern buildings and then inserts them into Iran’s ancient cities.

So far, Forouzanfar has modernized and reconstructed the ruins of Chogha Zanbil, Takht-E-Jamshid, and Persepolis, among others. The buildings he uses to resurrect these ancient cities include his own constructions as well as some of the world’s architectural marvels like the Lillehammer Art Museum and Louvre Museum.

Forouzanfar’s inputs are often minimalistic so that they can blend with the landscape. Add the use of warm colors, and you get a nostalgic feel to his artwork.

Check out some of his works below.