Architect Paints Beautiful Cityscapes Using Watercolors

We usually see artists use watercolors for portraits, landscapes, and still life. But as it turns out, watercolor can also be used to paint beautiful cityscapes, as demonstrated in the works of Polish architect Maja Wrońska.

Growing up in a family of architects, Wrońska was always fascinated with buildings, monuments, and urban settings. This passion prompted her to pursue a degree in architecture at Warsaw University of Technology but also greatly influenced her work as an artist. She adopted cityscapes as the dominating theme in her works while choosing watercolor as a medium in order to establish her own distinct style.

This combination made Wrońska’s works quite captivating. Even when she’s painting familiar settings like the Chicago skyline, towers of Rome, and New York’s Times Square, the scenes look new and exciting due to the effect of watercolors.

One of the things that also set her works apart is an unusual color pallet. Her goal isn’t to match the reality but to devise a color scheme that fits the particular city the best, in her opinion. This might relate to the history of the city, its climate, the artist’s mood at the moment, and much more.

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