Australian Woman Shows the Funny Side of Life in Light-Hearted Comics

People have different reactions to funny, awkward, or embarrassing situations that happen in their life. Some keep it to themselves, others tell their friends about it, and some, like Jessica Rae, share it with the rest of the world through light-hearted comics.

Her “Doodley Squat” comics deal with lots of different subjects, ranging from relationship struggles to uncomfortable interactions with strangers, and are presented in an amusing and relatable way.

According to Rae, she started making comics after getting bored with repetitive news feeds and social media posts. She had her starts on one iPhone app and admits that her first works were poorly drawn and were more doodles than comics. However, the jokes were there, and with the encouragement of her friends, she continued to improve her skills. She also managed to find a distinctive style.

“I guess I just want people to be able to get a laugh out of them,” she explains. “I don’t really like arguing with people, so I try not to make anything political or controversial.”

This simplistic approach resonated with people and helped Rae turn her comics into several books. However, she still regularly updates Doodley Squat social media profiles with new content. Check out more of it below.