Chris Maynard Recycles Discarded Bird Feathers in His Intricate Art

Just like humans go through hair shedding and animals go through fur shedding, so do birds shed feathers. Their feathers get damaged over time and need to be replaced with new ones. This practice not only helps the birds to continue flying but also provides artist Chris Maynard with the material for his art.

Maynard is a feather artist who recycles discarded bird feathers and turns them into intricate art. He started working with feathers when he was 12 years old and became an expert at what he does. His works are highly detailed, beautifully crafted, and impressive to look at.

Maynard uses his background in biology and ecology extensively in his work, whether it’s to get inspired for new designs or to choose the best feathers for a particular piece. Speaking about feathers, each one has been shed willingly by a bird before becoming part of his work. He gets them from private aviaries, zoos, and sometimes even regular bird owners.

“Feathers mark nature’s pinnacle of achievement: the intersection of function and beauty,” Maynard explains on his website.

Bird art created by Maynard is appreciated across the world by both art collectors and bird lovers. Check out more of it below.