Artist Creates Beautiful Skate Decks Using Pyrography and Watercolor

An artist who goes by the pseudonym akorganicabstracts on Instagram describes herself as a painter, sculptor, Photoshop lover, and pop surrealism and fantasy artist with a healthy dose of steampunk for good measure. She recently shared her artworks on Bored Panda, where she introduced her wood burned skate decks.

“If you have about a million hours of spare time, then wood burning a longboard skate deck is perfect for you,” she joked and added that she has been making hand-painted skate decks for quite some time. “But this time I branched out into wood burning (pyrography) along with watercolor (I usually use acrylics.) The result took some time, but I think the result was worth it!”

The artist has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States including Oklahoma, Colorado, California, Ohio, and Texas. Although she doesn’t have a large following, her work is definitely worth checking out.

Scroll down and see some of her creations below.