Artist Imagines What Extinct Animals Would Look Like Today

Modern technology allows humans to understand their past better and learn more about the life that preceded us. It also allows scientists and enthusiasts to easily share knowledge and educate people about history. One of them is a graphic designer who goes by the name of Paleorex.

Paleorex specializes in paleoart, a term used to describe artistic work that aims to depict prehistoric life while using scientific evidence as a starting point. With the help of digital software, this talented artist recreates the looks of extinct animals and depicts how they would look if they were still roaming the Earth today. He shares all of his works on Instagram, where he has close to 25K followers.

“My goal is to depict long-gone creatures as if they were animals living among us today,” the artist explains in his Instagram bio.

Thanks to Paleorex, internet users are being introduced to lesser-known but fascinating animals with unique traits. For example, there is Dorygnathus, who resembles modern big birds with one notable exception. Instead of a regular beak, the one of Dorygnathus had long and sharp teeth that made him very successful in catching small prey.

You can check out more about extinct animals by checking out Paleorex’s other works below.