These Amusing Comics Have Unexpected Endings

If you enjoy a good twist and unexpected endings, chances are that you will find Very Cereals comics to be a particular treat. Created by German-based artist Moe Mayati, these amusing comics are all about throwing curveballs and taking the viewers by surprise.

Sometimes it’s just something simple and silly like a cat working on a pottery piece before knocking it over just for the sake of it. Other times it’s a fight between a farmer and a knight that turns out to be a chess match.

Mayati, who is studying to become a computer scientist, covers all sorts of different themes and situations in his comics. As it turns out, this is a result of his creative process.

“They are about stuff I find interesting, I have an opinion about, or about just very random situations with a funny, some might call it stupid (I do), twist to them,” he shared in one of his interviews. “Sometimes I even think about a character that would be funny or interesting and do a comic about it.”

Mayati reveals that he tried several times to create a streamlined comic with a more coherent structure but discovered that this isn’t working out for him. So he decided to go back to what he does best and continue providing random and highly entertaining comics to his followers on Instagram. Check out more of his works below.